Creative Ways To Ski


It is almost a tradition where majority of people are now going in clubs, societies and social groups wearing animal onesies. This occurs especially during the days of skiing. This trend has become so popular and there may not be any good reason for such activities. I do think that these people like to have fun while wearing these funky animal onesies as creative ways to ski and ski at high speeds. Whenever you visit Australia, America and Europe, you will find this trend at its peak and I think you are also going to fall in love with it. Children also like to ski while in these animal suites since they feel like superheroes as they race to compete the others.

Why choose animal onesies for ski?

animal-onesies-skiingWhat I tend to think is that the old ski suite resembles animal onesies, and that is the main reason why people today find it trendy to wear one will feel liven up after they wear the suite and ski down the snow capped mountains like a superhero. Animal onesies is so far the preferred site to go down the road since it has waterproof capabilities when compared to other kinds of clothes. So when one wears such kind of outfit, one is sure that they may not end up shivering and feeling frozen. Animal onesies is considered a jumpsuit that will also eliminate the chances of you falling off the wind since it is broad and fits well.
During the hot weather one may feel so clumpsy, so it is also recommended that you get the lion suit since it is also known to eliminate all physical stress. However, newbie’s may find it hard to wear such suites and go off the lane to ski. Majority of people who are new to ski have also suggested the animal onesies outfit since it is quite easier to learn while wearing such kind of attire. They sat that the outfit may never discredit your safety and ability to move the skateboard.

The main reason why many people chose this animal onesies outfit is because they claim that it is a little fun to wear the costume. One can go down the road wearing the tiger cat suite and look appealing and charming to everyone. One of the reasons why children like the tiger cat suite is because this is a character that featured in many TV shows and film. Children have read about this character in schools during their literature class.


What girls love to wear?

leopard-onesie-714x1024Today girls love to be hoot. They would wear masterpieces that have been made using the latest technology. A good example is the character Winnie the pooh by Disney World Animation. These animal onesies dress has orange and black stripes that will definitely look great on any girl who goes with it for skiing. One will definitely get this bundle of fun at our shop or simply but it online.

I think you will also fall in love with the event where you and your friend are walking down the lane wearing animal onesies. This will look so colorful especially when each and every one is wearing a different animal feature. Go to a party wearing this animal onesies outfit and love the way you will feel the luxury and all the love animal onesies provides. Gils who wear Winnie the pooh, likes to hold the memories even during their birthdays.

Whenever one something that is cuddly, playful and full of colors, then get animal nesies. These dresses will make your partner want to wear them too. I am sure your partner cannot resist the feel and will look for an outfit that resembles the one you are wearing. These dresses are now found around the globe, therefore, you will get these animal onesies whenever you like.

The leopard pajamas action is perhaps one of the most popular choices of animal jumpsuit out there. As a staple of the UK and fashion around the world, the design of leopard skin has been sought in clothing and accessories for decades. With the trends increasingly turning to animal drawings and prints, especially those that evoke a fluffy warm and cozy feeling, like leopard pattern pajamas and overalls. All animal costumes and dresses can be worn on the lounge or during the time when one goes to bed. Male can also get their own kinds of man wild animal onesies. These kinds of clothes will give them that elegant and sexy look that ever woman loves to see. One can now walk gracefully in any party while wearing a hen suit or a leopard animal onesies. This will definitely make you the talk of the town. Be proud today by getting an animal onesies costume and head to that invited party or just go to ski.


Think Long Term


In an effort to reach a state of long term life improvement or happiness, rather than think long term many people decide to experiment with quick-fix, brief term remedies that, far more frequently than not, end up in failure. Indulgence in these short term pleasures (as an alternative to activities that offer a lot deeper fulfilment) truly turns out to become a substantial limiter to genuine happiness, contrary to what many might have intuitively believed.
long-term-life-improvementUnderstanding this phenomenon was the initial step to understanding the path to a a lot more fulfilling life.Dr. Martin Seligman, well-known author and professional in positive psychology, highlights the distinction between quick term pleasures and deeper gratifications in his book Authentic Happiness. He describes a pleasure as getting, “something with clear sensory or emotional components that involve very little, if any, thinking.”
The examples of these are: chocolate, sex, wine, an impulse purchase, relaxing in front of the TV to name but a few. Come home from the office, slump around the sofa and turn on the TV. Feeling blue, grab a beer from the fridge. Terrible day at the office, get the credit card out for some retail therapy. The problem isn’t that these pleasures will make us unhappy, or that they’re considered bad. Far from it – really, any mixture of pleasures will give us a lift in the pretty least and, in moderation, they’re certainly not going to ruin our life.
So, what is the problem? The issue is merely that these short term kicks don’t bring about long-term life improvement. We could easily find ourselves in an everlasting pursuit of pleasures. The more pleasures we indulge, the more our expectations rise in tandem plus the harder it becomes to gain any genuine, long-term satisfaction. The result is zero permanent get in our levels of happiness.
A life spent snatching up pleasures is unlikely to provide the kind of life improvement we would like to achieve.instant-gratificationGratifying acts are different. Gratifying acts are ones in which we so immerse ourselves that time appears to stand still. They do not necessarily supply us with an emotional kick. Instead, they’re activities that fully engage our mind and revolve around our areas of deepest interest as opposed to brief term desires. The trick to determining what a gratifying act is for us is to initially find out what the activities are that we can associate with the moments where time stops, where we’re so totally absorbed inside the activity that we lose track of time.

As we could imagine, this list of activities is as one of a kind as there are personalities on the planet. Reaching our ultimate degree of sustainable happiness is usually a quest. It begins with first recognizing that the perpetual over-indulgence of pleasures is not getting us any closer to that finish goal of a much better life. Uncovering our gratifying acts – those activities that we discover most fulfilling – and obtaining as lots of strategies as you possibly can to assemble our lives around them could be the most significant step we can take towards measurable and consistent life improvement.

To recognize our gratifying acts, I suggest maintaining a diary and using it to monitor and measure the underlying factors for the satisfaction we get in the activities that absorb us most. Here’s how I do it:

  • Get a diary and begin recording the important activities in which we participate. Be diligent about recording what we do every single dayfor  a month. Usually, over the course of a month, we’ll encounter most of what gives us deeper satisfaction.
  • Give every single activity a rating in line with how absorbed we were when performing it, one being “completely bored” and five being “fully absorbed.” Rate our activities according to the extent to which time stood still. Our friends and family can help; ask them for input on once they noticed us when we were least and most absorbed.
  • Identify patterns: Combine activities with related traits, and equivalent ratings, into groups. As we do that, we’ll begin to notice patterns – the activities that engage us greater than others will also start to show similar characteristics.
  • Extract our underlying gratifications: Think long and hard about these patterns along with the activities within them. Ask ourselves what it is specifically that provides us such satisfaction in regards to the activities with these patterns. Make a list on the answers - these are our underlying gratifications.
  • Build our personal database of gratifying acts: Using our list of underlying gratifications, produce an expanded list of gratifying acts by thinking about what else is obtainable for us to accomplish (or try) that would also satisfy our list.
  • With our underlying gratifications identified, in addition to a new and enhanced list of gratifying acts in-hand, we can start off adding these new activities to our daily routine: at work, at home, and at play.

In summary, try to recognise absorbing activities that make time stand still when we do them and build as many of these as we possibly can (as an alternative to just short term kicks) into our each day life. This is the key to a long term life improvement.


Clarity vs Certainty


This article about Clarity vs Certainty is not written by me. I got it in my mail and do not know who wrote it.. but it’s an interesting one.

Clarity vs Certainty

clarity-vs-certaintyYou are programmed in the fear-based operating system to look for certainty.

Certainty says, “I’m not going to risk any change unless I know ahead of time how it’s going to work out.”
Certainty is a fallacy; it is actually impossible to be certain of anything, but the habit of seeking it runs very deep.

Clarity is the opportunity to experience insight. Clarity is only accessible in the moment. It does not come from the thinking mind, but is inspiration received by connecting with your soul’s perspective.
Clarity is, “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea,” without having any connection to the outcome of using that idea. Certainty is, “I will not act unless I know how it’s going to turn out. I’m not going to leave this marriage, I’m not going to leave this job, I’m not going to move from this apartment, unless I know where the next man is going to come from, where the next job is going to be, and where the next house is going to be. I won’t leave until I know. I won’t change until I know. I can’t make a difference in my life until I know how it’s going to be.” That’s certainty. Clarity is, “This relationship doesn’t work for me.” See how it’s just so much calmer? “This relationship doesn’t work for me. I don’t have to know what the next relationship is going to be in order to act on the fact that this one doesn’t work anymore.” That’s clarity. And the beauty of clarity is, clarity leads to clarity. Certainty stops. Certainty is contracting. Clarity is expanding. Clarity says, “Here is insight.” Certainty says, “Until I know, I’m not going to go”.

It’s so much more fun to live from clarity because it always opens, opens, opens. Certainty just closes doors. When you follow clarity, it opens up more opportunities; when you wait for certainty, you can wait a really long, miserable time. In fact, you’ll wait forever.

At times, the cry for certainty can be very loud; however, it is quite fascinating to see how often you are willing to operate in clarity without realizing it.

Let’s say you want to go to the park for a walk. You don’t know who you’re going to run into, but it doesn’t forestall you from going for a walk. You don’t know if you’re going to be warm or cold, you don’t know if you’re going to have the right clothes to deal with the weather. It could start raining and you don’t have a raincoat. That level of uncertainty you are okay with. “Wear layers, it’ll work out. Bring an umbrella, don’t bring an umbrella, who cares?” Yeah, you might run into somebody, you might not.

You can do all that and not have to contend with certainty’s cry for attention. However, when you get into the relationship realms, “I don’t know how she feels about me,” “I don’t know how he feels about me,” “Is he going to want to stay married to me,” “Is my kid going to do well in school today?” All of a sudden, certainty is back in charge.

Notice the temptation, return to the moment, ask for clarity.

It took a while for me to understand this. I was confused about how to let go of certainty when clarity felt so elusive. However, when I finally realised that certainty was actually elusive and clarity was real, it really was quite a transformation.

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How to be a creative Entrepreneur


One of the most important traits as a successful business owner – or entrepreneur – is to have a creative mind. But first we must find the answer to the question of how to be a creative entrepreneur ?

business creativityThere is a great line in Alice in Wonderland when the Queen says, “Sometimes I think of 6 impossible things before breakfast”. I think you will agree that this has to be creativity at its best! As a small business owner this is an ideal you really need to strive for – but how on earth can you open up your mind to get to the point where ideas just spill out?

Small business owners are expected to be creative and inventive, otherwise how could they run their own firm? If you have a sneaky feeling that creativity is not one of your strong points what can you do to stimulate your brain and get it kicked-started? The following tips will help you to get to started to lock that creative juice flows in.

Be Unlimited

Too many people are “limited thinkers”. They have their world placed squarely in a box and nothing can exist outside of that. If the newspaper reports something then it must be right. If Joe next door says that something is impossible then he must be right. As a small business owner, you cannot afford to be a “limited thinker”. You have to be an “unlimited thinker”. Get into the habit of seeing no boundaries; decide that there are no taboos. Have the belief that with a bit of focus you can find a creative solution to all of your problems. This is the foundation for a creative thought process.

Be Future-Focused

Creative ideas invariably come when you look into the future. The feeling of propelling yourself forward and seeing the problem solved is a great motivator. Do you think you could achieve the same result if you were backward focused? I don’t think so! Train yourself to be future-focused, always looking ahead, not a traditional thinker who tries to find answers in today’s world.

Do, Delegate, Dump

There is only so much that a person can do no matter how good he or she is. If you want to be able to scale your business, it is inevitable that you have to know how to delegate the less important tasks to your employees or even virtual assistants. You need to focus your efforts on the most beneficial and productive tasks for your business and delegate the others when you can. And if a task is not worth doing or even delegating, then do not be afraid to dump it.

Be a Writer

Once you open your mind to the joys of creativity the ideas will quickly start flowing, as if someone has opened the flood gates! Just like flood water, unless you catch it the ideas are lost for ever. Capture all your ideas by carrying a small pocket notebook with you. As soon as an idea pops into your mind, write it down. It doesnít matter how outlandish it is, you can look at it in the cold light of day later on.

The fact you are responding to the ideas by noting them will further encourage you to be even more creative – good deeds encourage more good deeds!


Be Clutter-Free

If you are naturally an untidy person, then get out of the habit! A cluttered office will lead to a cluttered mind. You cannot expect your brain to work efficiently when all it’s doing is constantly reminding you how untidy your office is. To be creative remove all the clutter from your life and free your mind.

Be Action-Oriented

All of these points are great, but if you do not take any action with your ideas, then you may as well not have bothered. An idea is nothing but a thought unless you take a specific action to help bring it to life. Periodically review your notebook and see if there are any hidden gems, or ideas which can be quickly actioned. A lot of your ideas may not suit at all but in there somewhere is probably an idea, which if acted upon, could change you or your business. Commit fully to move forward on as many of your ideas as you can.

Do not be afraid to break down the boundary walls. As John Stuart Mill said, “That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in the next”.

You never know what you can really achieve until you break the limitation of your own mind and let those creative juices take over. I hope this article has helped to answer your question just a little bit of how to be a creative entrepreneur.

Let me close with one question – can you be creative enough to be dismissed as a dreamer? No? Then get practicing! Remember – practice makes perfect and persistence never fails.


How To Be More Creative


One question that often pops up in our mind is, how to be more creative ? There are many benefits of being more creative which we will discuss in the next article. But before we delve into that, let’s look at what creativity really means, and how we can become more creative in our daily life.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, being creative means:

  • having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas
  • done in an unusual and often dishonest way
  • marked by the ability or power to create : given to creating having the quality of something created rather than imitated : imaginative managed so as to get around legal or conventional limits

creativityAs you can see, creative involves to “create” something – which is where the word “creative” comes from – out of nothing or something that already exists. It also involves unconventionality. Many of the most creative inventions in the world were never thought to be able to be created – until they were and then people believed. Belief is a very important factor in being creative. Many of the most creative solutions in the world are not brand new creations at all. People have thought about them before but they just do not believe that it can be done – until someone did it.

So how do you become more creative? There are many practices, readings and exercises that you can learn to train your mind and imagination to become more creative. But the most important practice in being creative is actually really doing it.

However, to help you getting started, here are seven ways that can help you start your journey in nurturing your brain and mind to be more creative.

1. Think Like A Child. As adults we tend to think in a conditioned way aimed at showing how clever we are. Yet, as children, we were simply spontaneous and far more creative in our thinking. To re-capture your childhood curiosity, allow yourself to just wonder at things, to be completely present in the here and now, and to detach yourself from what you thought was real.

2. Make New Connections. To be innovative doesn’t require a university degree; it simply requires making a connection between existing ideas. For instance, did you know that ice cream was invented in 2000 BC yet it took another 3900 years for someone to come up with the idea of a cone? It’s when you take two seemingly unrelated items and use the spark of creativity that genius happens.

3. Be A Little Illogical. It is a peculiarly Western trait to want to tie things up in neat bundles. We prefer solutions to problems, and answers to questions. To be creative, you need to be comfortable with things that don’t fit. The Eastern tradition is more in tune with incongruence. As in this Zen koan, or problem: what is the sound of one hand clapping?

laugh more

4. Laugh More. Tom Peters says that the creativity of a workplace can be measured by a laughometer, ie how much it laughs. Humour is one of the greatest creative devices. It jolts us out of our normal patterns and puts ideas together that shouldn’t go together. It has been found that after listening to comedy tapes, studentsí ability to solve problems rises by 60%.

5. Think Outside Your Limits. Many of the products we take for granted today are the result of people thinking outside their limits. John Lynn recalls attending a computer conference in the 1980′s at a hotel when someone joked that the next thing they’d be thinking of would be computerised doors. When he went back to the same hotel 20 years later, all the doors used computer-programmed key cards.

6. Adopt and Adapt. To be creative doesn’t require blue-sky thinking. You can still be creative by adapting what works elsewhere. An American airline that wanted quicker turnarounds on their flights adopted the techniques of Formula One pit crews. Another source of ideas is nature. Georges de Mestral adapted the way certain seeds stick to clothing and invented Velcro.

7. Remember Your Dreams. Dreaming and day-dreaming can create a rich seam of ideas, because that’s when we relax and let the subconscious mind work by itself. The Roffey Park Management Institute calls this “washing-up creativity” because most flashes of inspiration come when we are walking the dog, sitting Archimedes-like in the bath, or doing the washing up.

Try to apply these seven creative thinking techniques and make them part of your daily thinking, and I am sure that new solutions to your problems will open up to you more easily and quicker. Remember though that consistency is very important – just like everything else in life. The best engineer is not the best because he is a genius (although it could play a little part in his success). If you read the biography of the most successful people in the world, you will find a common theme that they keep trying and practising and never give up. Persistence never fails and practice makes perfect – a great combination to improve our creativity.

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