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Mirena bleeding side effect


Mirena is one of the most popular IUD (intrauterine device) contraception tools used especially in the United States and United Kingdom. It is also called Mirena coil, which is a small T-shaped plastic device inserted into woman’s womb to prevent pregnancy. It contains the hormone progestogen that is released into the uterus over a certain period of time, typically five years.

mirena iudAlthough known to be effective, it is not uncommon for women who first use Mirena to experience irregular bleeding or spotting for the first six months as a side effect. Many women experience spotting or light bleeding especially in the first three months, but some experience heavy or prolonged bleeding up to six months. If you are still experiencing bleeding after six months of Mirena usage, it is probably worth to discuss with your doctor if you should have the coil removed.

What causes Mirena bleeding and the other side effects? It is mostly caused by the hormonal imbalance inside the body, caused by the levonorgestrel found in Mirena. Different people react to the insertion differently, and some women do just fine. However it has been known that the most common side effect of Mirena usage is the irregular vaginal bleeding. What should you do if you are one of those who experience this?

It is normally not recommended to remove the coil early, as the cost of the insertion can be quite expensive at the first place. Early removal may also cause some unwanted complications although this risk is pretty low. One of the things that you can try is to improve your lifestyle and dietary intake. Since Mirena is all about hormonal change in your body, there are things that you can do to improve the hormonal balance of your body. To find out more about this, you can check out the Mirena Detox website.


Creative Ways To Ski


It is almost a tradition where majority of people are now going in clubs, societies and social groups wearing animal onesies. This occurs especially during the days of skiing. This trend has become so popular and there may not be any good reason for such activities. I do think that these people like to have fun while wearing these funky animal onesies as creative ways to ski and ski at high speeds. Whenever you visit Australia, America and Europe, you will find this trend at its peak and I think you are also going to fall in love with it. Children also like to ski while in these animal suites since they feel like superheroes as they race to compete the others.

Why choose animal onesies for ski?

animal-onesies-skiingWhat I tend to think is that the old ski suite resembles animal onesies, and that is the main reason why people today find it trendy to wear one will feel liven up after they wear the suite and ski down the snow capped mountains like a superhero. Animal onesies is so far the preferred site to go down the road since it has waterproof capabilities when compared to other kinds of clothes. So when one wears such kind of outfit, one is sure that they may not end up shivering and feeling frozen. Animal onesies is considered a jumpsuit that will also eliminate the chances of you falling off the wind since it is broad and fits well.
During the hot weather one may feel so clumpsy, so it is also recommended that you get the lion suit since it is also known to eliminate all physical stress. However, newbie’s may find it hard to wear such suites and go off the lane to ski. Majority of people who are new to ski have also suggested the animal onesies outfit since it is quite easier to learn while wearing such kind of attire. They sat that the outfit may never discredit your safety and ability to move the skateboard.

The main reason why many people chose this animal onesies outfit is because they claim that it is a little fun to wear the costume. One can go down the road wearing the tiger cat suite and look appealing and charming to everyone. One of the reasons why children like the tiger cat suite is because this is a character that featured in many TV shows and film. Children have read about this character in schools during their literature class.


What girls love to wear?

leopard-onesie-714x1024Today girls love to be hoot. They would wear masterpieces that have been made using the latest technology. A good example is the character Winnie the pooh by Disney World Animation. These animal onesies dress has orange and black stripes that will definitely look great on any girl who goes with it for skiing. One will definitely get this bundle of fun at our shop or simply but it online.

I think you will also fall in love with the event where you and your friend are walking down the lane wearing animal onesies. This will look so colorful especially when each and every one is wearing a different animal feature. Go to a party wearing this animal onesies outfit and love the way you will feel the luxury and all the love animal onesies provides. Gils who wear Winnie the pooh, likes to hold the memories even during their birthdays.

Whenever one something that is cuddly, playful and full of colors, then get animal nesies. These dresses will make your partner want to wear them too. I am sure your partner cannot resist the feel and will look for an outfit that resembles the one you are wearing. These dresses are now found around the globe, therefore, you will get these animal onesies whenever you like.

The leopard pajamas action is perhaps one of the most popular choices of animal jumpsuit out there. As a staple of the UK and fashion around the world, the design of leopard skin has been sought in clothing and accessories for decades. With the trends increasingly turning to animal drawings and prints, especially those that evoke a fluffy warm and cozy feeling, like leopard pattern pajamas and overalls. All animal costumes and dresses can be worn on the lounge or during the time when one goes to bed. Male can also get their own kinds of man wild animal onesies. These kinds of clothes will give them that elegant and sexy look that ever woman loves to see. One can now walk gracefully in any party while wearing a hen suit or a leopard animal onesies. This will definitely make you the talk of the town. Be proud today by getting an animal onesies costume and head to that invited party or just go to ski.


Can Mirena cause weight gain?


weight gainOne of the common discussions about Mirena is whether it can cause weight gain, and if yes what can we do about it. Mirena is a type of contraception method which works based on the hormonal IUD. An IUD (Intrauterine device) is a plastic device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy from occurring. It is normally a T-shape, copper wrapped device which contains and releases hormones into the uterus. The hormone released by Mirena is called levonorgestrel which is a type of the progestin hormone. The device works by killing the sperm and making the mucus around the cervix area thick and sticky, and hence preventing the fertilisation to occur. It also affects the uterus lining which is the area where an egg normally would grow.

There have been many reported side effects of Mirena treatment including pain in certain areas of the body, menstrual cramping, irregular bleeding, and also weight gain. Whether Mirena weight gain is really caused by the IUD treatment or not is still a debate. Some sources have stated that hormonal IUD does not cause the weight gain, on the other hand there are a number of women who have undergone Mirena treatment complaining of the weight gain that they have experienced. It is hard to say whether the weight gain is caused by other factors during the Mirena treatment, or it is indeed caused by Mirena. However, hormonal changes in the body do sometimes affect many other functions of the body, although different person reacts differently to each hormonal changes they experience.

Whether caused by Mirena or not, there is a recommended way to cope with the weight gain during Mirena treatment. A healthy diet and balanced lifestyle is highly recommended in general, even for people not undergoing Mirena treatment. Try to exercise regularly and watch your diet intake everyday by eating healthy.

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Birth Control Side Effects


Birth control, or also known as contraception, is a deliberate use of artificial methods or techniques to prevent pregnancy. There are many methods of birth control for both male and female. In this article we will look at some of the most popular birth control methods and their side effects.

birth controlThe most common birth control in use is probably a condom, which is a rubber sheath worn by male to prevent a conception to occur. It is widely available in any pharmacies or drug store and even from the supermarkets. The most common side effect associated with the use of a condom is allergy, since it is generally made of latex. Although there are now alternatives to latex, it is important to make sure that it would not cause any problems on your skin or your partner’s skin.

The other popular birth control method is the contraceptive pills. These pills, also known as “the pill”, contain synthetic hormones which prevents ovulation in female and hence preventing the pregnancy. The pills need to be consumed regularly, and missing an intake can result in a risk of getting pregnant. There are some side effects from taking the pills, although in general they are not that serious. This may include but not limited to weight gain, bleeding or spotting in a small amount, nausea, and sometimes it can also cause mood changes. Talk to your doctor immediately if you experience a more serious side effect in using of the pills.

The other popular contraceptive method is the IUD (intrauterine device) such as Mirena coil, which prevents fertilised ovum from implanting in the uterus. This is also a hormonal method similar to the pills, although it works differently as the hormone is released in the uterus directly. Some of the known Mirena side effects include bleeding (light to heavy), depression, weight gain and long-term energy loss.

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Why Roof Restoration Is Important


For some people, roof is the most important part of their house as it covers and protects the whole building. It also defines the type of the building or even the beauty of it. Sadly, some people overlook the importance of treatment of their roof until it leaks or some other issues have happened. The truth is, you will find that the roof will start to lose its colour and shape after few years, and even starting to decay. Hence it is important to have a roof restoration plan and budget in place.

roof restorationRoof restoration is not just about restoring the colour and look of your roof. In fact, this is secondary compared to the main importance of roof restoration which is to maintain and protect your roof from decay as it is ageing. Roof restoration is however not cheap and is also quite complex. Although it may be tempting to do it yourself to save on cost, it is highly recommended that you engage the service of a professional and licensed roof restorer to help you with this task.

What does roof restoration entail? In general, roof restoration includes replacing the broken tiles of the roof. Damaged furnishings are also replaced, and after every repair has been checked the whole surface is then cleansed using high pressured water through a pipe. It may or may not include roof painting, which is a separate treatment of the roof.

Where can you find someone who is licensed and experienced to help you with your roof restoration? Probably the best way is to ask around, talk to your friends and families who have had their roof restored before. Or you can also do some research on Google yourself. For example, if you live in Melbourne you can search for roof restoration Melbourne and it should return a list of roof restoration companies which you can contact.


Lean Six Sigma Benefits For Your Business


In the recent years we have heard more and more about the “lean” concept implementation, such as lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, or lean startup. This is a practice based on the principles of value creation for customers with minimal wastes and processes. It focuses on adding value and reducing everything else, as value is what a customer would pay for. Six Sigma as we know is a set of tools and techniques used for process improvement, originally introduced by Motorola and made popular by the giant corporation General Electric.

lean six sigmaLean Six Sigma is a concept combining the “lean” principles with “six sigma”, resulting in a concept that eliminates the waste which are unnecessary in a business process. The eight kinds of waste addressed by Lean Six Sigma are commonly abbreviated as DOWNTIME. The Lean Six Sigma concept was originally introduced in 2002 and is rapidly gaining popularity. Today, hundreds if not thousands of companies are using lean six sigma to improve their productivity and business result, including globally renowned companies such as 3M, Amazon, Boeing, Dell and General Electric. What are the Lean Six Sigma benefits and how can you implement them in your business?

The main benefit of Lean six sigma is it does not only eliminate defects, but also improving efficiency and speeding up the business process by reducing waste caused by non-value added steps in a business process. There are certain tools and techniques that can be used to implement Lean Six Sigma. The best way to learn more about this is to talk to a specialist in Lean Six Sigma training and implementation. There are many companies providing this service and you can easily find them in your local area business directories or from Internet research. Or the better way is to talk to other organisations who have trained and implemented Lean Six Sigma successfully in their business.

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How to hire a web design company


web designIt is no longer a question whether a business should have a website or not in today’s advanced world of information. If you own a business but do not have a website, then you are missing out on a huge potential of finding new leads and growth opportunities. The question is no longer “should I have a website” but rather “how do I get a website for my business”. This article will teach you just how to hire a web design company in a right way.

The best way to find a right web designer for your business is to ask around. Ask your families, friends or other acquaintances if they know and have used any good web designer. Make sure they really have completed a project with the web design company and if they are satisfied with the result. You can also do your research on Google easily to look at the portfolios of the web design companies you are interested to contact. Sometimes just by looking at their portfolios you would be able to get a good feeling of whether they are a company you would want to work together with. But of course this is not enough, you need to initiate a contact and talk to the web designers themselves.

What are the questions you need to ask when you meet them face-to-face? It is totally up to you, but you would want to know about their experience and their work ethic. Make them talk about their work and achievements and what make them proud. Are they really passionate in designing a beautiful and functional website, or are they doing it just for the sake of the money. How long have they been around, and are there any references from past customers. What is their turnaround time, ie. how long do they need to complete your project. It is actually not too hard to find a good web designer, for example if you live in Melbourne you can contact iiWeb.


What is Parasite Cleanse?


parasite cleanseYou probably have learned from school that a parasite is an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host), and benefits itself by deriving nutrients from its host (at the host’s expense). It is normally a much smaller organism than its host. Consequently, parasitism is a non-mutual relationship in which one species benefits at the expense of the other. Sometimes we also hear this being said about people, for example children who have grown up but still clinging to their parents and demand their parents to pay for their living cost. But in this article we are going to discuss about parasites that live inside our body (yes, they exist!) that can affect our health. So, what is parasite cleanse?

Many people do not realise that they have been infected by parasites until they feel the illness in their body. It is normally much smarter to maintain a good health and prevent the sickness rather than treating it after you get sick. Most of the health issues caused by parasites are related with digestive system as the parasites are robbing the nutrients from our body and affect our metabolism. You might have heard of IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, these can all be caused by parasites that have been built up though unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle. So how do you do parasite cleanse?

There are normally two ways you can do this. You can try to do-it-yourself if you know how to do it, or get a parasite cleansing kit available from your local pharmacist. The main thing the kit will do is to cleanse your colon as that is where the parasites mainly live. As in other kinds of treatment, discipline is important as cleansing can take from thirty up to fifty days. It is also recommended to supplement this treatment with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.



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Things to consider before hiring a scaffolding


scaffold hireWhen planning a construction work or repair of buildings, sometimes you would need to hire a scaffolding. Some people also hire a scaffolding, or sometimes called a staging, to do a public event, shooting a movie, or even just to do some work on their chimney. Regardless on the purpose, it is important to know a few things before hiring a scaffolding especially if you have never hired one before. This is mainly related with safety concerns, as incidents and injuries related with scaffolding are not that uncommon.

You can easily find many companies offering scaffold hire in your local area. Some of them might have different rules, rental cost, options, packages etc. The first and foremost thing about scaffolding safety is everyone who gets on it has to wear a safety helmet. It is of utmost importance that the head is protected all the times. The next important thing is to ensure there is an expert or experienced person who knows about scaffolding safety procedures and plan overseeing the setup of the scaffolding. Talk to the company you are enquiring to ensure they have all the required safety procedures in place.

Another thing to keep in mind is the maximum weight load of the scaffolding. Make sure that it does not hold more than the intended maximum weight to prevent unnecessary accidents. In addition, extra safety precautions are also sometimes built around a scaffolding, such as a ladder, guardrails or toe boards. Once the scaffolding is erected, it has to be checked for stability before starting to use it.

When it comes to scaffolding hire, safety is everything. It is better to be over cautious than taking it easy, to prevent unnecessary slipping or falling during the scaffold use. Whenever you need to hire and use a scaffolding, remember to always follow all the safety procedures and plans.

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Destination wedding in Bali


villa weddings baliAre you looking for a perfect place for your upcoming wedding? Well there is no such thing as a perfect place :-) However more and more people are doing destination wedding to celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous location away from home, such as the Caribbean, Hawaii or Bali. I personally love Bali for its beautiful and exotic landscapes, white sandy beaches and blue water, and warm hospitality from their people. Bali would make an ideal romantic gateway for your wedding and a great opportunity for your friends and families to relax and unwind while attending your wedding ceremony. Here are some helpful things you need to know about having a wedding in Bali.

First of all, you can choose to plan all the details of your wedding yourself, or hire a professional wedding planner so you can focus on preparing the more important things for your wedding. There are many wedding planners available in your country who can help with your wedding planning in Bali, or you can also look for local wedding planner in Bali. I would recommend the latter as they normally cost cheaper and they are more familiar and experienced with the local rules and regulations. They can also provide better suggestion about the local catering and venue providers, which can be really helpful rather than searching for everything yourself. One such company that can help you with your Bali wedding is Villa Weddings Bali.

Another thing to be aware of is, are you going to have your wedding registered or only celebrated in Bali. Indonesia requires quite strict paper works for people who wish to have their marriage registered in the civil registry of marriage. However if you are not an Indonesian citizen and just wish to celebrate your wedding in Bali, the wedding should be able to be performed without much hassle. Again, your wedding planner would be able to help you and advise you on what to do.


Having fun with temporary tattoos


temporay tattooTemporary tattoos are growing in popularity as they are easy to get and remove, cheap, not painful and have lots of variations to choose from. Of course if you want something permanent then you should go for a real tattoo, however it is always a good idea to have a temporary tattoo first. Leave it for a while and see if you really like it. I have heard some people who expressed their regrets as their permanent tattoo is unremovable. Yes there are still ways to remove the permanent tattoos, however they are not cheap and not easy to do. That is why some people prefer temporary tattoos to permanent ones, and you can actually having fun with temporary tattoos.

There are different kinds of temporary tattoos. We might remember the stick-on tattoos from our youth which we stick on our skin, soak some water on the back of the paper, leave for a few seconds and then remove the paper. And voila, you get a temporary tattoo. This is especially popular with kids, and we see a lot of it especially during festivities such as on the Australian day. It typically last only for a day or two, and it is easy to wash off and clean just by using soap and water.

There are actually other types of temporary tattoos which are more suitable for adults and the older kids. You might have heard of Henna kit, which stays much longer on skin compared to the stick-on tattoos. There is also a painted temporary tattoo, which is very popular in tourist places like Bali for example. The tattoo artist paints the tattoo on your skin using a brush and ink, and it is also easy to wash off using water and soap. Whichever one you choose, you can always have fun with temporary tattoos.

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