Having fun with temporary tattoos


lulu dk tattoosTemporary tattoos are growing in popularity as they are easy to get and remove, cheap, not painful and have lots of variations to choose from. Of course if you want something permanent then you should go for a real tattoo, however it is always a good idea to have a temporary tattoo first. Leave it for a while and see if you really like it. I have heard some people who expressed their regrets as their permanent tattoo is unremovable. Yes there are still ways to remove the permanent tattoos, however they are not cheap and not easy to do. That is why some people prefer temporary tattoos to permanent ones, and you can actually having fun with temporary tattoos. For example, you can turn your skin into jewelries with the lulu dk tattoos.

There are different kinds of temporary tattoos. We might remember the stick-on tattoos from our youth which we stick on our skin, soak some water on the back of the paper, leave for a few seconds and then remove the paper. And voila, you get a temporary tattoo. This is especially popular with kids, and we see a lot of it especially during festivities such as on the Australian day. It typically last only for a day or two, and it is easy to wash off and clean just by using soap and water.

There are actually other types of temporary tattoos which are more suitable for adults and the older kids. You might have heard of Henna kit, which stays much longer on skin compared to the stick-on tattoos. There is also a painted temporary tattoo, which is very popular in tourist places like Bali for example. The tattoo artist paints the tattoo on your skin using a brush and ink, and it is also easy to wash off using water and soap. Whichever one you choose, you can always have fun with temporary tattoos.

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How to handle depression


Depression can be caused by many factors such as biological, psychological or social. You may have suffered from Mirena depression caused by usage of the Mirena IUD or maybe suffered depression caused by social or peer pressure. Regardless of what the cause is, it is important to treat any kind of depression as soon as possible. The following tips may help you to do just this by teaching you practical steps of how to handle depression and reducing the pain and anxiety. There are simple techniques and exercises that can help to lessen the pain and stimulate positive and productive thinking such as:

depressed manGet rid of negative thoughts such as “I am worthless” or “I can’t stand this anymore”. To do this, try to switch out your thoughts one at a time. What I mean is the brain can actually not stop functioning as long as we live. So, instead of trying to “stop” to think of something, a better way is to “switch” to think of something else. Even thinking of a nonsense stuff such as “blue grass” is better than keep thinking of negative thoughts.

Relax your body in particular your shoulder. Take a deep, long breath and do not panic. Be in the moment and give thanks that you can still breath, some people are having difficulties even to breath at this moment. You can also focus yourself on some other simple physical tasks such as:

  • brushing your teeth
  • running, walking or swimming
  • cleaning your desk or your house
  • force yourself to smile

Do activities that depression hates. Depression wants to isolate yourself from others and disengage you from doing activities. You need to fight back and do those activities, eg. talking to other people, going to watch some movies or maybe playing sports with some friends. Pretend to be happy as your brain actually does not know the difference between being happy and pretend to being happy.

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How to choose the right swimwear


Swimming at the beach is one one the most anticipated holiday activities especially during summer vacation. Both adults and children love to swim and play at the beach, and it is one of favourite pastime activities for families with parents and young children. Children love to dig a hole and fill it with water, drawing on the sand, build a sand sculpture or just walking around the beach collecting shells and crabs. Parents love to swim and surf, and spending time having fun with their children on the beach. Everyone loves going the beach!

peixoto one pieceOf course, to be able to have fun at the beach, we need to wear a special attire, ie. a swimwear. Knowing how to choose the right swimwear for yourself may seem trivial but it can help to ensuring comfort during your beach activities so you can properly enjoy the fun. Choosing a swimwear should not be done just based on the size alone. There are other aspects to take into account, especially for women. There are hundreds of selections of women’s swimwear available out there such as the peixoto swimwear, you should choose the right one for you and the following tips might be able to help you do that.

When choosing the right size for you it is important to make sure it fits your body and do not just look at the printed size on the swimwear. You should also consider the shape of your body figure and choose the proper type swimwear. Next, there are also different styles for women swimwear ie. one piece or two piece. Some women feel more comfortable wearing one piece bikini such as the peixoto flamingo one piece, while others prefer a two-piece bikini. You should choose the one you are most comfortable with and not choosing based on other people’s advice or opinion.

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Is your business digital ready?


The time is changing for businesses worldwide and digital readiness is becoming more and more important for a business to compete in the business world today. If you run a business of any kind then you need to know about this and take some action if you not already have. What does it mean to be digital ready and is your business digital ready?

online presenceDigital ready in the business world basically aims to build your online presence for your business on the Internet. We have also heard of digital marketing which pretty much refers to the same thing. At the heart of every business is the marketing and sales activities, and the time has changed from having a storefront to having a website as not just the identity of the business but also one of the main marketing tools. More and more people are now shopping online, and even giant retailers such as Best Buy and Dick Smith have reported a drop in their stores sales and increase in their online sales. You need to be online nowadays if you run any business because that is where the customers are.

What does digital marketing or digital readiness entail? It is not just having a website or any website. You need to have a working, great looking and value adding website. Whether it is a business application website, an e-commerce online store or any other type of website, it needs to be not just attractive but more importantly does it job effectively and efficiently. It also needs to load fast and be mobile ready, or even supplemented with an app. The cloud technology has made this possible and more affordable, so there is really no reason for businesses to not going digital ready. Having a blog and social media interaction are another important things to consider to grow your business in today’s online world.

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Choosing the right POS software for your retail business


If you run a retail business then chances are you are already using a POS software, or at least have heard of it. POS stands for Point of sale, which is the place where customers make a payment for the goods or services they bought, and the retail transaction completed. The more well known term is probably a checkout, which is one of the most important things a retail business needs to have. The POS can use a cash register, a barcode scanner, a software, touchscreen interface etc, or a combination of one or more of these hardware and software. Computerised POS is also known as EPOS, which stands for Electronic Point of Sale.

pos softwareWhat are the important things to consider in choosing the right POS software for your retail business? The most important thing is to first have a clear requirement of what your business needs, what the budget is, and then start choosing the right supplier for your POS solution. A retail business will have different POS system requirements compared to a restaurant or a fashion boutique for example. Also, the cost of a POS solution can range from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the features and many other factors. It is important to choose the right one based on your budget. For example if you are running only a small retail business and only needs a simple POS software, then you probably won’t need to purchase a complete, full blown POS solution. Once you have decided on the POS requirements and have set the budget, then the next step is to find the right supplier for your POS system.

Before choosing the right POS supplier, it is also important to note that POS software should be chosen first before the hardware. For example, if you have an existing old PC and want to find a POS software that can work on the PC, then your options are already limited and it is probably not a good idea anyway. Make sure you choose the right POS software based on your requirement and your budget first, and then you can plan for the most cost-effective way to procure the hardware required for the POS software and not the other way around.

pos solutionsThe best way to find a good and reliable POS supplier is ask for reference from trusted relatives or business acquaintances. Make sure you pick no more than three top potential suppliers, and then contact them and ask for an appointment. Prepare your list of questions to ask and bring it to your appointment. You can ask about things such as how long they have been in the business, what products or services they provide, what the prices are, how the warranty works, what the support agreement is, and if they are able to provide any reference for you to contact. Companies that have been doing a good job would be really happy to provide you with their professional references. From your initial discussion with the prospective POS supplier you would probably be able to gauge who you would most likely to have a business with. Also, although it is possible to have one supplier offers cheaper hardware cost and another one offers cheaper software cost, it is best to get the complete POS solution from the same supplier.

If possible, also ask for a no obligation POS software demo and/or trial. Once you have a feel of few different POS solutions it would probably be easier for you to make a decision of which POS software to purchase and which supplier to buy it from. Last but not least, to avoid potential issues in the future it is also worth to consider to purchase the support option once the initial warranty expires.

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Is Mirena right for me?


mirenaIf you are currently looking for a contraceptive option then you might have heard of Mirena, or maybe you haven’t. Mirena is one of the most popular brands for IUD (Intrauterine Device with Progestogen) contraception, if not the most popular. IUD is a reversible method of contraceptive and is considered one of the most effective birth control options. It is a hormonal device, also known as coli, which is inserted into a woman’s womb to prevent pregnancy. It contains the hormone levonorgestrel which is also found in birth control pills although the dose is much smaller. IUD is effective for a certain amount of time (up to 4 to 5 years) and after that needs to be replaced to maintain its effectiveness. The most widely used brand of IUD device in the United States and United Kingdom is Mirena. It is light, made of plastic material, and has a T-shape form. One of the questions that many people ask is, is Mirena right for me?

Although effective, Mirena has been known to cause a number of side effects such as:

  • pains such as breast pain, spinal pain and headaches
  • acne
  • vaginal discharge
  • weight gain
  • hair growth or loss
  • elongated menstrual period
  • and other known side effects.

Like every other medication though, the side effects only affect a certain number of people. But if you are affected by certain side effects such as Mirena weight gain or sinus infections, then you need to speak to your doctor immediately.

On the other hand, Mirena is also known to help with endometriosis treatment. This is made possible by the IUD device limiting the blood flow during the menstrual cycle. In addition, Mirena is also known to reduce pain during sexual intercourse and reduce the risk of endometrial cancer development.

There are still pros and cons on Mirena usage. The best thing to do is to speak to your doctor to find out if Mirena is right for you.

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seo or ppcIf you are a new business looking for new customers, or an existing business struggling to reach out to new customers, then one of the things you can try is to promote your business and products/services online. There are many ways to do this such as building your loyal customer base through email marketing, or improving your business presence, awareness and interaction through social media. But today we will look at two other big ones, ie. promoting your business using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click). There has been an ongoing debate of which method is a better way to promote online, is it SEO or PPC. The truth is, both have their own pros and cons, and we will look at some of the pros and cons for each method.

SEO is the activities you do in order to improve the rank of your website (yes you need to have one) on the search engine result pages when people search for a specific term related to your business/products/services. You choose which “specific term” / “search keyword” you would like to optimise by using SEO, and if done properly you should see the rank of the website improves over time for searches on the keyword(s). You can outsource this to other companies/agencies if you don’t know how to do it. For example, you can search for SEO agencies in Brisbane by searching for “SEO Brisbane” on Google.

PPC on the other hand, does not care about the rank of your website on the search engine. What you do is placing an ad for your business on Google so when people search for a specific term, your ad will pop up right at the top or on the sidebar clearly marked as ads. The big advantage of this is that you can have your ads displayed on top of Google as ads even on the first day of your business. And of course the downside is you need to pay more money upfront to place the ads, and once you stop paying the ads will disappear.

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Benefits of Chinese Tea


chinese teaChinese Tea is one of the most popular beverages drunk all over the world. It has been around for a very long period of time, and will be for many more years to come. Chinese tea is made of tea plants or herbs boiled in hot water, and is sometimes drunk with a meal, as a simple enjoyment, or simply just drunk throughout the day as substitute of water. In addition, Chinese tea is also very well known for its many health benefits. Some of the known health benefits of Chinese tea include lowering cholesterol levels, treating headache, preventing tooth decay, helping with weight loss and even fighting cancer.

Although originally come from China, Chinese tea can now be easily found everywhere even in a non-Chinese speaking countries. There are many variants to Chinese tea such as green tea, white tea, black tea, yellow tea, red tea, oolong tea, or herbal tea. The most popular one is probably green tea, although white tea and herbal tea are also becoming more and more popular. Herbal Chinese tea is usually made of Chinese tea leaves mixed with other kind of herbs, fruits or flowers, to produce extra flavour, aroma and taste to the tea.

Some of the herbs/fruits/flowers normally mixed with Chinese tea are chamomile, ginseng, garlic, peppermint, ginger, cinnamon and honey. Each type of herbs is known for its own benefits such as:
oolong tea

  • Chamomile tea known for relieving stomach pain and help preventing ulcers
  • Ginseng tea known to increase energy, improving immune system and also help protecting the liver
  • Peppermint tea known to help with digestion problems and bowel problems
  • Ginger tea known to reduce the risk of heart attack, soothing the throat and preventing blood clots
  • Cinnamon tea known to help with treating digestive problems, colds and also diarrhea
  • Honey tea known to help with reducing cholesterol levels and help with healing wounds

Another different style of herbal tea is known as flavoured tea. This is normally made of tea leaves mixed with certain fruit or flower to produce an extra flavour. It is especially very popular with children as it enables them to enjoy tea mixed with their favourite flavours such as raspberry, lemon, or peach. For adults, the popular flavoured tea includes Jasmine tea (oolong tea mixed with jasmine flowers) and Earl Grey (black tea mixed with bergamot).

One other interesting tea about different types of Chinese tea is, they are given many different interesting names. You might have heard about Iron Goddess, Big Red Robe, Pu Erh, Dragon Well or Silver Needle. Where do these names come from? There is a legend story to each name which can be traced back to old Chinese myths and tradition. For example, Big Red Robe name comes from the story of an emperor who was healed of his sickness after drinking a tea from a tree. Out of his delight, the emperor presents a big red robe to the scholar who gave him the tea, ordering him to present it to the tea tree.

The next question is, where can you buy chinese tea? You can easily find Chinese tea in supermarkets nowadays. Or if you want to find a specific kind of Chinese tea, you can try Asian groceries shop or you can also buy chinese tea online. There are many websites that sell Chinese tea online however you need to make sure that it is a legitimate site that sells quality products. Check on the website or contact them and ask them, where they source their tea from. Ask them some questions about their variety of teas, their price and their delivery time.

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Great Father’s day gift ideas


Father’s Day is a special day celebrated in honour of fathers and fatherhood all around the world. It follows the success of Mother’s day which celebrates motherhood, and both are equally important to remember. Many countries celebrate Father’s day on the third Sunday of June such as USA, UK, China, India etc, however countries in Asia Pacific such as Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father’s day on the first Sunday of September. Other countries celebrate Father’s day on different dates, such as 19 March (Italy, Switzerland, Croatia etc), 21 June (Lebanon, Egypt, UAE etc), and many more. The important thing is not the date of when we celebrate Father’s day, but the spirit behind it which acknowledges and honours the significant role of fathers in their children’s life.

father's dayAs with many other occasions, it is a normal tradition to buy a Father’s day present for fathers on Father’s day to show the honour and appreciations of what they have done in their children’s life. Finding these gifts can be quite tricky sometimes, as it is different for every father. Some fathers like sports, other fathers like gadget and technology, others like outdoor and nature, and many more. There are endless possibilities when we talk about great gift ideas for Father’s day. You would know best what your father would love as a gift on Father’s day, but below are just some great gift ideas for Father’s day in general.

Sports Gifts

Many fathers like to do some kind of sports so it is always a good idea to buy a sport accessories for them for the sports they like. Whether it is a new soccer ball, a new pair of basketball shoes, cycling accessories, his favourite sports jerseys, and many more. The key is to find out which sports he likes (which you should already know!) and look for accessories which he does not have or which he could use a new one. My father would love a pool table!

Outdoor Gifts

A BBQ (Barbeque) grill is very popular as a Father’s day gift too if he does not have one. Believe it or not, men in general might not like to cook in the kitchen but they love to grill stuff on the BBQ. It gives them the sense of satisfaction as they would be able to prepare (yummy!) food for their family in a BBQ. To make it more interesting, you may add a basket full gourmet foods to accompany the BBQ grill and then celebrate together in the backyard by inviting some friends and families to come around!

Electronic Gifts

Probably the most popular gift category for fathers on Father’s day. From LED TV, video games, latest mobile phone gadget, home theatre audio, SLR/DSLR cameras or accessories, new laptop or tablet, there are a wide range of choices in this category! Most men love to use electronics to help them in their work and also to entertain themselves, so it is always a good idea to find an electronic gift for dads.

Other Special Gifts

origami cardBelieve it or not, this is actually my favourite kind of gift that I would like to “do” instead of “buy” for my father. These are gifts that you cannot find in the gift shop, and no one else can do it like you do as it is a special gift you make for your father. If you like to cook (or even if you don’t!), you can surprise your dad with a breakfast in bed prepared by yourself. Or you can make him a special card fill with appreciations of what he has done, and ask all the children also to write something on the card. Or maybe create an electronic photo album filled with photos of him and the family from his youth to the present time, memories that he can always enjoy.

There are still many other gift ideas such as tickets to special event that he loves, travel or relaxation gifts, and so on. Be creative, you only have one father in your whole life :-)


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Why a website is important for your business


website design companyA website is a must to have nowadays for any kind of business. It can help not just to display the products and services offered by a business, but also to expand clients reach to areas unreachable by the business. Internet and the globalisation has helped millions of businesses to expand through having a website. There are no time and distance constraints in reaching out to potential customers through a website, everyone can access any website anytime, from anywhere in the world. The question is, how can you get a website for your business? If you are not a technically savvy person and do not have someone in your company who can help, then you would need to engage a web design company to help you. This article will help you to make the right choice in choosing a web design company.

The first step you need to do before contacting a web design company to work on your website, is to decide on what you want. Yes they can help with the design ideas, layouts etc., but you need to first understand and decide on the purpose of the website. What are the main purposes of the website? Maybe it is to showcase a product or a service, or to generate new leads, or as a social interaction platform of the company, etc. Once you have decided on the main purpose of the website, then the next step is to find the right web design company to do the job.

The easiest way to do is to ask around for a referral. Ask a friend or an acquaintance of a good web design company they have used in the past. Or you can also search online in Google, for example you can type website design melbourne if you live in Melbourne for example. Do your research and look around their portfolios.


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