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How to find the best Corporate Catering services


catering brisbaneIf you work in a corporate world, every now and then there will be a special company event with corporate catering services. It might be arranged by yourself or someone else in the company. But regardless of who arranges it, it is important to know how to find the best corporate catering services for your company’s special event. This is so everyone can have a good time during the gathering and a memorable recollection of the event afterwards. This article will teach you exactly how to do this. Even if you are not the one in charge to organise the functions, you can also suggest these ideas to someone else in the company who is in charge of the corporate catering.

The first thing you need to look for is the experience of the corporate catering service provider as it is more than just preparing food and drinks. Corporate catering caters for variety of people, diet needs and type of events in the corporate world. There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to corporate catering services. The catering service manager needs to meet with the organisation and discuss about the preferences and expectations of the corporate event to be catered for. Ask them for references from their other customers in the business world if you can.

catering brisbane 2The second thing you need to plan for is the budget. A good corporate caterer can normally offer a couple of options or packages to suit the corporation needs after interviewing them. They can also provide a recommendation and sometimes willing to tailor the packages to suit the corporate event needs. Some corporate caterers also provide other services related to the event planning. This can make it easier for the company event organiser as they just need to hire one single provider for the entire event, and can save on budget too. Just remember that both the most expensive and the cheapest services are not always the best.

The next step is to decide on the details, what kind of food and beverage to prepare for the event. There are many things to consider here such as is it going to be a morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Does it only need platters, finger foods or a full set menu with appetisers and dessert. Is it going to be an a la carte or a buffet style. Do they need to make sure that the food is nut free or gluten free, does it cater for vegetarians, and so on. And of course what are the details of each menu. The caterer should be experienced with all these and able to provide you with a good selection and recommendation of choices based on your needs.

catering brisbane 3Where can you find these corporate catering service providers? You can find them online by searching for catering brisbane if you live in Australia for example. Or you can find them from your local area business directory such as yellow pages. But of course the best way is to always look for recommendation from other companies who have had good experience from a certain caterer for a similar event.

Depending on the season, you might want to organise the catering for the event as early as you can. Normally popular catering services are already booked out close to the busy season period such as Christmas party or end of year party. The most important thing to remember in choosing a good corporate catering service provider is to find one who can understand your needs, and willing to go an extra mile to be able to fulfil those needs.

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Rejuvenate your life with a yoga retreat in Bali

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Yoga retreat is becoming more and more popular worldwide these days, and not just for the yoga enthusiasts. Not just it is a healthy and fun way to relax, it also helps to rejuvenate our soul by disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting to our inner soul. Yoga retreats come in many shapes and sizes and offer different programs at different locations with varied costs. If you live in Australia and love Bali like myself, why not try to rejuvenate your life with a yoga retreat in Bali?

yoga retreatIf you have been thinking of taking a pause in your life to rest and reflect, then Yoga retreat is one of the best things you can try. It gives you a good chance to get out of your daily routine, connecting to nature while meeting great people at the same time. Taking care of our inner-self is not less important than taking care of our physical body. Even if you regularly exercise at the gym, I would recommend you to take a time to refresh your inner soul at least one a year through a retreat program. Health is considered to be the most important thing in life yet people sometimes forget to make an effort to take care of their health by investing enough time and money to exercise and to rejuvenate.

What exactly is a Yoga retreat and what are the activities involved? There are many variations to this but generally a yoga retreat would offer daily yoga lessons and/or meditation sessions, coupled with chosen massage or spa treatments. Sometimes there would also be an outing or a tour in the local area to experience the nature and to interact with the local people. Some yoga retreat programs also combine the retreat with a healthy food program, like the Art of Life retreat which offers gourmet raw food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on their yoga retreat program in Bali.

Yoga retreats are normally held in the most beautiful and secluded places in the world, which is another reason to join one. You would be able to enjoy both the stunning scenery and blissful yoga at the same time. The Bali island in Indonesia is one of the most popular places not just for tourists but also for private retreats. It has an untouched wilderness and exotic beauty in many secluded areas with private accommodations available. The local people are very friendly and believe in their God. Bali is commonly dubbed as “The Heavenly Island”, and is considered to be one of the most ideal destinations for a retreat.

yoga retreat in bali

It is easy and rewarding to join a Yoga retreat or a Yoga holiday, even if you are travelling by yourself. There are many singles who normally go on these retreats to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul while connecting to new and interesting people from many different places. In terms of cost, there are more affordable programs even for students, to the more luxurious ones so pick the right one for you based on your budget. With so many yoga retreat programs available to choose from, there will always be something for everyone.

Where can you find these Yoga retreats? You can start by talking to your local Yoga studio, or you can also search online on the Internet for available Yoga retreats close to your area. Many people who have joined a Yoga retreat have attested that it changes their lives and would love to do it again. Yoga retreat helps to put our mind at rest and live more for the moment. So what are you waiting for?

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How a Diploma in Hospitality can help your career


Hospitality industry is one of the best career choices for those who have passion in serving people. It does not just provide satisfaction while doing something you are passionate about while getting paid doing it. It is also an industry that will always live as people loved to be served and willing to pay lots of money for the luxuries in life. You cannot replace a warm, friendly smile and service from a stewardess for example, with an automated voice from an electronic. To get started in this career path I would suggest you to at least get a diploma in hospitality.

What are the places you can work for with a diploma in hospitality? Some people would immediately think of hotels, casinos, restaurants or maybe aeroplanes. But actually it is also beneficial for almost every company which interacts directly with their customers. I am sure you have had both good and bad shopping experiences before which were caused by a good/bad service from a salesperson.

What would you learn in a diploma of hospitality course? You would learn not just about how to provide an exceptional customer service, but also things like:
hospitality study

  • Working in a socially diverse environment
  • Managing finances within a budget
  • Leading and managing people
  • Controlling and ordering stocks
  • Workplace health, safety and security practices

and many more.

In addition you would also be able to choose elective courses based on your passion such as:

  • Organising and preparing food
  • Preparing appetisers and salads
  • Preparing pastries, cakes and yeast goods

and many more.

How long would it take to finish a diploma in hospitality? It normally finishes in two to three years, however some institutions also offer an accelerated one year program. You would need to check with your selected institution of choice. Sometimes students who pursue the diploma in hospitality also combine their study with a diploma in tourism as the two mostly go hand-in-hand although they are not exactly the same.

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How to save on web hosting business expenses


hosting coupon codesIf you run any kind of business then chances are you would have a website as it is a must in today’s business world. Potential customers, clients, or suppliers normally would ask for your business card and look at the website to find out more information about you and your business. Even a very small business can benefit from a website as there is a potential for new leads to find their website online and to contact them about their products and/or services. But of course it costs money to have a website, and some businesses can pay up to hundreds of dollars per month just to cover their website hosting and maintenance. This article will teach you how to save on web hosting business expenses buy leveraging the coupon codes from the hosting companies, which not too many businesses are aware of.

Most web hosting companies, just like other businesses, regularly run marketing campaigns for their services. Sometimes they run a limited promotional campaign during special occasions which can save you a lot, but normally they have a sale running all year long by using vouchers or coupon codes. These coupon codes are not always displayed on their website though, you need to know where and how to find them, but it is not a difficult task at all.

The first thing you need to do is to decide on which hosting company you will use. Once you have decided on this, all you need to do is go to Google, and type in the hosting company name follow by vouchers or coupon codes. For example, you can type A Small Orange vouchers to find a discount coupon code from that company. Write down the code and proceed to sign up for the hosting services as usual. You will be asked to enter a coupon code if you have one during checkout and before you make the payment. You can normally get up to 30% off with these coupon codes, which is not a bad saving at all for your business.

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The importance of a mechanic in buying a used car


Most of us would most likely buy a used car at least once in our life, unless you are one of the fortunate people who can always afford to buy a brand new car. It is very important to always check the condition of a used car especially if you are buying from a private seller. Unless you are experienced in mechanics of the car, it is highly recommended to have an experienced mechanic helping you with this aspect. What can a mechanic do to help you before buying a used car?

Thorough mechanical check

A mechanic can help you to examine the condition of the car thoroughly. It normally costs around $50-$150 but it worths the money to avoid unexpected troubles in the future. Some of the things they can check for you include the engine, the battery, the frame, the tyres alignment, the suspensions, brakes and oil, leakages and many more.

Check for needed repairs

A mechanic can also give an estimation on the amount that is needed for repairing of the car (if any). This is because he himself is a mechanic who will be able to spot parts of the vehicle which need repairs.

Help with bargaining

Some mechanics also have a good knowledge on market value of a car and can tell you if the price of the car is too expensive or not. Sometimes they can also bargain on your behalf based on their assessment of the car condition.

car mechanic

Where can you find a mechanic to help you with all these things? You can easily find them from your local area business directory, or ask for a referral from family or friends. You can also search online on Google by typing something like Mechanics Melbourne for example, if you live in Melbourne Australia.

Of course you also need to do your own checks even before looking for a mechanic. This would include checking for the history of the vehicle, is it a legitimate vehicle (not a stolen one) and has it ever been written-off before. You can perform these checks yourself easily online and it should not cost too much money.

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Benefits of Wood Fired Pizza


Wood fired pizzas are pizzas cooked in a special oven called wood fired pizza oven, or sometimes just called wood oven or brick oven. This special type of oven is fueled by wood to add another layer of flavor and aroma to the pizza. Many have also attested that it adds to the texture of the crust of the pizza. So what are the benefits of wood fired pizza compared to traditional pizza?

Higher Temperature

Wood fired ovens can attain higher temperature which allow for the rapid rise of the pizza dough. This enables the pizza to be crispy on the outside while keeping the tenderness inside. The pizza dough also acquires smoother texture when cooked in a wood oven compared to traditional oven.

wood fired pizzaEven Heat Distribution

The heat produced by the oven is distributed more evenly with a wood fired pizza oven. This allows the pizza to have a more consistent temperature, texture and taste on all part of the pizza.

Smoky Aroma and Flavor

This is probably the most noticeable benefit of a wood-fired pizza. It will produce a special smoky aroma and flavor which can really appeal to many people especially those who love barbeque meat. This can only be achieved by using wood fueled ovens.

More economical

Wood-fired oven can be more economical as wood tends to be cheaper in price compared to gas or electricity. In addition, wood fired oven normally can last for the whole day because they can retain and channel the heat in an efficient way. This is one of the reasons why wood fired ovens are favoured by many restaurants especially the pizzerias.

Where can you get wood fired pizzas? There are many pizzerias which sell wood fired pizzas, such as Lorentto Pizza Bondi located near the famous spot of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.

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Differences between Cash Registers and POS (Point of Sale) Systems


For new retail small business owners, choosing the type of cash management system to use is an important decision to make. There are different kinds of cash registers (such as mechanical, touch screen, or RFID) that can be used to calculate total amount of sales, entering sales items, receiving payments and storing the money. And then there is also a point-of-sale system which is like a computerized cash register with a more complete solution. There are differences between cash registers and POS (Point of Sale) systems, and it is important to understand this distinction before making a decision of which one to buy.

pos systemA complete point-of-sale system normally includes a computer, a cash drawer, a printer (to print receipts), a magnetic card reader, a modem, a bar code scanner and a point-of-sale software. The magnetic card reader can be used to accept debit card or credit card payments, while conventional cash register normally does not take credit or debit card payment. The most important component of any POS system is the POS software which can be as simple as just an electronic payment processing system, to the more advanced which supports accounting integration, e-commerce integration, customer relationship module, complete stock, sales and order reporting, and much more. It is also more accurate compared to a cash register as the operator does not need to enter any sale amounts into the system. It is automatically retrieved from the system simply by selecting the item or scanning the bar code.

A traditional cash register may consist only of a cash drawer and a very simple receipt printer, although there are more advanced types of cash registers available too (for example cash register equipped with a bar code scanner). The decision of whether to choose a cash register or a complete POS system largely depends on the budget of the business. It is an initial investment that needs to be made for the business, and the life expectancy is normally up to about 5 years before the cash register or the POS system needs to be upgraded.

The main benefits of cash registers are:

  • Low startup costs
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fewer components
  • Simple operation

You can easily get a cash register for a few hundred bucks. Although the main benefit is the cheaper cost compared to a POS, a cash register does have limitations on things that it can do. It does not keep track of inventory, or integrated with bookkeeping records. On the other hand, the main benefits of POS system includes:

  • More complete retail management solution
  • Integration with bookkeeping records
  • Better inventory tracking
  • Easier to scale as the business grows

Expect to pay at least few thousands of dollars (up to tens of thousands of dollars) for a complete point-of-sale system. However it does come with benefits which could be really valuable for your business – saving time, accounting integration and better scalability. A small retail shop with only one checkout cashier might be best to opt for a simple cash register, while a mini-market with several checkouts would probably be best having a POS system.

There is a third option which has become more commonly used recently, but normally used only by large retail chains such as Target or WalMart. This is a self-service checkout, which is like a POS but without a need for a staff. Customers check themselves out at a checkout counter equipped with an easy to use POS system which normally uses touch screen interface. This is an expensive investment but can save large business lots of money from reducing the number of staff they need to hire for the checkout counters.


Sports Injury Prevention with Physiotherapy


Everyone loves sports and if you have played any sports before, you would know that physical injury is pretty common in sports. There are many causes of sports injury such as weakness in muscles, unsafe exercise environments, or accidents in sports; but the most common cause is lack of training or poor training to improve durability. If you have not done any sports at all for a long time for example and then suddenly play in an intense football or basketball game, then you are very prone to get injured during the game. However, regular exercise and training (the right kind) can really help you to strengthen your body and muscle, improve your durability and prevent you from injury during a sports match. One of the best ways to achieve this is through a regular physiotherapy exercises.

The physiotherapy field that deals with prevention of these unwanted injuries in sports is known as Sports Physiotherapy, which applies the principles of physiotherapy to different sports. The main benefits of sports physiotherapy include:

Improving durability

Constant application of sports physiotherapy helps to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and bones, and make them more effective in handling physical stress. This is especially important in sports involving lots of direct physical contacts such as rugby or basketball.

Help preventing injuries

sports physiotherapyImproved durability will also lead to decreased level of injury during sports such as strained muscles, cramp, sprains or torn ligaments. Professional athletes regularly have sports physiotherapy treatment to enable them to perform at the level they need to.

Accelerate recovery process

Sometimes sports injury just cannot be prevented no matter how much exercises and physiotherapy sessions have been done. However, regular sports physiotherapy exercises will help to recover the injured body parts quicker.

Where can you find a sports physiotherapy if you need one? You can easily find them in your local area physiotherapist directory. Make sure you find an experienced sports physiotherapy practitioner and not just any physiotherapist. For example, you may contact Physiotherapist Dunsborough if you live in Perth Australia.

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Things to look out for when hiring a house cleaning service


When it comes to house cleaning, you have a choice of doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring someone else to do it for you. Of course this would largely depend on your financial capacity to do so, or if you enjoy doing cleaning, and how well you can do the job. If you have a budget to hire a house cleaning service I would recommend to do so. House cleaning can be quite time consuming and requires some know-how so it is best to leave it to the hand of the professionals.

cleaning serviceThere are a number things to look out for when you decide to hire someone to clean your house (or unit) for you. The first and foremost is you need to hire someone who you can trust as they will be working inside and around your house. Hence it is important to find a reputable and licensed company to do this, and not just someone who work on their own and can suddenly disappear without any traces. Look at the company information and give them a call and ask if they have performed background checks on their employees. You can easily find such companies in your local area from local newspaper or yellow pages. Or you can also search in Google by typing in something like house cleaning in Melbourne for example if you live in Australia.

You need to also ask if the cleaners the company employs have received appropriate training regarding house cleaning professionally. Surprisingly enough there are many cleaners who do not really know how to clean and just doing their job for the sake of working. Ask them specifically about how their cleaners clean a specific thing such as a wooden floor for example.

Last but not least you can also ask the company what kind of payment they accept and if they would issue you a tax invoice. A legitimate cleaning company would normal accept payments other than cash and will always issue a tax invoice for the services they provided.

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How to plan a memorable company Christmas party


The annual company Christmas party is one of the most anticipated events of the year by the emplyees. If you run a business, or is in charge of organising the end of year corporate Christmas party for your company, then this article will help and teach you how to plan a memorable Christmas party for you employees or your colleagues.

Some of the things to plan for when organising a company Christmas party are:

It is always good to have a theme for your company Christmas party because it encourages the whole company to unite together in a fun way. There should be no boss and employees relationships in this themed party. Some of the popular themes are superheroes party, animal onesies party, and so on. Of course you can have your own work Christmas party ideas which fits with the company vision and goals. A good and memorable theme will make a good conversation even long after the party has ended.

work christmas partyIt is important that you plan a good catering for the party. It does not have to be a luxurious buffet with a huge budget, but try to organise some good catering within your budget as it will also be remembered for a long time. If it is a family friendly party then it is probably best not to serve alcohol. Even if you do serve alcohol make sure to limit the amount of alcohol served as you would not want your staff to leave the party drunk. It is important to both have fun but also being safe.

Games are always fun and memorable, that is why they make a good filler for every party. Organise some fun games which encourage as many people as possible to participate and having fun together. If you need to hire an equipment for fun and games, make sure to contact the equipment company beforehand.

There are still other things to consider however if you plan all of the above well, you should have a pretty memorable company Christmas party.

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